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Welcome to the new world! A metaverse of musical delight, not constrained by any particular social media hype or attempts at creating something dictated by forcing style or the flavor of the day from a pre packaged box. We filter the ether, listening, honing musical history and those that came before us creating a rich lush pleasure not hemmed in by any constraints other than where the muse leads. Feast your ears on music played straight from and for the heart.

Short Bio

Dr. Crypto is a modern alternative rock band that originated in Chicago, IL. Known for their high-energy performances and catchy hooks, Dr. Crypto has been making waves in the rock scene since their formation in 2023. With influences ranging from classic rock to alternative to metal, Dr. Crypto's sound is a unique blend of old and new. Their debut album, 'Audio Currency', was released in 2023.





Set List

Tech Rider

Hospitality Rider


Label: Wix Records, Jake Coldham | Management: Karen Blanche | Booking: The Bookerz, Daniel Ku | PR: That Girl Pr, Sarah Brookstone | For all general inquiries, please email:

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