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Meet The Band



Lead Vocals

Chris has always been immersed in music.
He started his journey back in Grammer school playing guitar with the local kids in the garage, but quickly switched to the bass when no one else wanted to take that up. He played in various bands as a singer bassist songwriter through the recording of The Ultraviolets first record (co produced by Adrian Belew Talking Heads King Crimson). After some initial shows in support of that record he was convinced to drop the bass by a label head and just front the group as the lead singer. After a stint of co writing with various projects including Gene Simmons of Kiss Chris went on to found Pressure point recording studios in Chicago working as a producer  and manager of that facility. He has also returned to his first love as a singer songwriter with Dr Crypto.




Lead Guitar

Louis Svitek is an American musician and former guitarist for a number of bands including Chicago bands such as The Hollow Steps, The Assault, Mayhem Inc, Lost Cause, Zoetrope. Went on to play with M.O.D., Ministry, Pigface, Mind Funk, , Project .44, and The Joy Thieves. His work can also be found in many movie soundtracks such as The Matrix and Blue Hill Avenue, Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer 2 . Formed Wuli Records with Ryan T McGuire and help write and produce American Idol winner Lee DeWyze first three albums and Chicago Hip Hop artist The Redd. 




Bass Guitar

Tom Heslin picked up the bass guitar in the late 70s and has remained a busy musician to this day. Playing throughout the midwest, both coasts, and Canada, Tom has maintained a reputation as a true pro, always learning and growing. With the ability to go from supportive, melodic lines, to progressive, lead bass styles, he has performed and recorded with a variety of projects and artists. Tom also brings with him a strong singing voice, as well as synth playing/programming
and guitar skills.





Doug began music on the piano for a year before going to the violin at age 10. Within a year, he won first chair in the Milwaukee HS Symphony. Moving to a small town in northern WI he couldn’t find an instructor so he took up the double bass with the HS stage band and several horns with the marching band eventually landing on the drums. After a few blues bands, his college roommate lured him into a 9 piece funk band. Having declined a contract, Doug joined up with a jazzy rock band Movies where he met Chris . After many projects through the years, Doug again has teamed up with Chris forming Dr. CRypto.




Keyboard / Guitar

Rodney Gipson is a pianist, guitarist, and composer/producer rooted in the Chicagoland area. Through his production company, Audible Edge Music he creates and distributes traditional jazz, ambient, Neo Soul, and Afrobeat. His influences include Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, the jazz fusion group Weather Report, as well as the Portuguese fado artist Mariza, and Shona music icon Thomas Mapfumo

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